13-05-2017 SIELUNREPIJÄ (fin)/ MYSTERIA MORTIS (rus)
13.05. club Woodstock/Rockstars

Mysteria Mortis (Rus)

Mysteria Mortis is a russian folk metal band, founded 2011 in Khabarovsk krai by the master mind and singer, Anna. Mysteria Mortis’ folk metal is gathering slavyanic, scandinavian and celtic folk music heritages together, but have also strong melodic death metal influences in it. Anna uses both clean and extreme vox to tell these folklorekind stories in russian, english and even norwegian.
They released their first album ”Tund’s Water” in 2013 through More Hate Productons, and second one ”Our Time” in 2016 through More Hate Productons, FONO and american The Art of Dreaming.
Band has been touring since 2015, not only Russia, but over 20 gigs in China, where they shared the stage with, for example, Artillery and Scorpions. 2016 they made their first Finlands tour and in the near future they are also going to delight their fans in South- and Middle-America.
You can find music videos and video clips from YouTube:
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Sielunrepijä (Fin)
Hide everything that can be used to hurt yourself! Nothing is more gloomy than Finnish melancholy…
Sielunrepijä (Soulreaper) spreads classic Finnish despair all around it. Songs are build so that every little part, rhythms, melodies, texts combines together a model of what is eating the finns from the deep deep depths of mind. Of course, you can’t totally understand Finnish depression unless you understand finnish. This melodic, doomed melancholy, which is influenced in some of cases by Finnish oldies, in some of cases by death metal and almost everything else that’s out there, we call DoomPop.
Even Sielunrepijä was founded officially in the beginning of 2016, the groundwork started already 10 years earlier. First tour was made in october with Machinae and russian Mysteria Mortis.
For the moment Sielunrepijä is working on their first album which will be released by russian More Hate Productions and in the end of this year Sielunrepijä will make a 12 gigs tour in Russias biggest citys’. Next year we heading to the same direction for a tour with over 20 gigs. In the homeland we try to drive our fans on the edge of despair as often as we just can.
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